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30 Oct ASUS Premium Care
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ASUS Techcial Support : Pick Up and Return Hotline   1300-88-3495Monday to Friday : 9 a.m to  6 p.m ( Except Public Holiday )..
30 Oct ASUS After Sales Service at Telegram
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Good News!With effective from 1st July, we are going to soft-launching our new After Sales Service communication channel through Telegram at  (others than Call, Online CHAT, a..
07 Apr Work from Home ? What the considerations or equipments we need to work from home ?
C Alan 1 4229
"Work from home" is a hot keyword right now and "Work-from-Home-Ready" might be a hottest keyword in coming months or years. Some companies are "Work-from-Home-Ready" while some or not. Here's some ba..
19 Nov Windows 7 support will end on January 14, 2020
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Windows 7 support will end on January 14, 2020Refer : will discontinue Windows 7 support, th..
04 Nov Should I Buy a Service Part or Finished Good
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Should I Buy a Service Part or Finished Good ?Many IT hardware components are being categorized into two major categories, which are the Service Parts and Finished Goods. It’s common that one identi..
20 Oct To Replace RAM, Should I Do It Myself
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Some customers will ask the quote for RAM (memory) price from us without Installation. If I've got the chance to explain, I will always suggest to customer to bring it to us for installation.There'r..
05 Oct Reasons to Upgrade to SSD
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It's the right time to upgrade your computer(s) from traditional HDD to SSD. There're several reasons that you should do that now. By upgrading the HDD to SSD, it makes your computer boot faster and..
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