Some customers will ask the quote for RAM (memory) price from us without Installation. If I've got the chance to explain, I will always suggest to customer to bring it to us for installation.

There're several reasons that I will suggest this. First of all, it's the Electrostatic Discharge concern. Many customers know how to add or replace the RAM (memory), because it's not that difficult, pick up a screw driver with correct size, remove the cover, search for the RAM slot, add it in. Furthermore, many manufacturer designed the RAM slot as user accessiable ( means very easy to open and allocate ). However, I still dont suggest this, unless the user is aware of the Electrostatic Discharge.

If a user doesn't aware of the present of electrostatic, for sure the user won't aware of the electrostatic discharge. Refer this for more information on ESD.

The ESD could damage the RAM or any other hardware that the user might touch during the installation of RAM. Compare to the labour charge to pay for the professional to handle for you, the damaged caused to the RAM or other hardware might costs you more. A user might be able to setup a proper ESD workstation, but this is not practical if a user just want to save money for the labour charge.

Apart from this, many users is well noticed about the available RAM slot for the computers, and what kind of RAM is supported for the computers. However, if the Installation of RAM is the Add On instead of replacement, the similarity in terms of speeds / specifications of existing RAM and new RAM is very important. Furthermore, some computers don't know why might have conflict with some brand of the RAM even the speeds or specifications is all right. By paying to the shops for add RAM for you, you might transfer this risks to the shop. As a experienced professional, we don't just add the RAM for you, we might need to run several hardware test before return the computers to you. We will make sure you feel worth to pay us for the labour.

Assumed a user just buying the RAM and plan to install by himself/herself, if anything went wrong, he /she might facing problem to claim the warranty because RAM is a very sensitive hardware, the seller won't just exchange for you, normally seller will need to send back to manufacturer to get further inspection for the malfunction RAM. As stated earlier, the damage might not caused by RAM manufacturer malfunction, but caused by the ESD happened during installation.

Lastly, we don't stop you from just buying RAM for us, but we just don't advise for this.

Watch this demo video for what we did during the installation of RAM.