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Brand: Guang Cheng
Benefits:Promote good eyesight & strong kidneyhelp in balancing acidic acid body to alkaline levelpromote blood circulation & strengthening bonesimprove sleeping qualityimprove anemiaprevent heart diseasepromote healthy blood vesselsanti-agingimprove healing ability& cell regeneration a..
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Brand: Guang Cheng
Benefits:Improves metabolismoxygenation of excessive body-fatprevent heart diseasepromote firm & supple skinhelp in balancing acidic body to alkaline levelimproves immune systemimproves anemiaanti-agingcell regeneration and help on body slimmingContain Gamma Amino Bityric Acid from Genmai Rice ..
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Brand: Guang Cheng
Benefits:Contains the 18 kinds essential amino acidsis antibacterial and anti-inflammatoryprevents tumorsboosts the immune systemprevents coldspromotes hair growthstrengthens the stomach and intestinespromotes blood circulationprevents cardiovascular diseaseboosts blood glucose metabolismincreases ..
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Brand: Guang Cheng
Benefits:Promote good eyesight Enhance memoryAnti-bacterialPrevent cancerPrevent blood cotsLower blood pressureAnti-agingMantain collagenSkin soft and shinyIngredients: Water, Japan genmai rice, Fresh Blueberries from Canada, Isomalto-oligosaccharides Direction to use: To enjoy health ben..
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Brand: Guang Cheng
Benefits:Cranberry has always been a natural preservativerich in tannins and former anthocyaninurethritis reduce the incidenceprevention and treatment of periodontal diseaseimprove arteriosclerosisPrevent agingavoid bacterial ulcer (its effectiveness by theoretical that non-confirmed by experiment)..
Ex Tax:MYR218.00
✓ Non-hydrogenated✓ No preservative✓ Suitable for vegetarian✓ Cold Pressed✓ UnrefinedHealth Paradise Virgin Coconut Oil is "cold-pressed" using only fresh, matured coconuts and is pressed under strict hygiene conditions set by internationally accepted quality control standard.Usage:Take 1 tablespoo..
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Brand: Olitalia
Rice bran oil is obtained by extraction from the germ and the chaff of the rice (Oryza sativa L.) and further refining. Excellent as a raw condiment on vegetable-based and fish-based dishes and for dressing salads.Ideal for salad dressing and low and high temperature cooking.PRODUCT OF ITALY..
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high smoke point of 250°CCookingBakingDrizzlingDippingFryingRoastingBarbequeIt is a source of Omega-3 fatty acidsContains healthy, plant-based unsaturated oil components that provide an efficient source of energy.Natural cholesterol-freeIt is an excellent substitute for other culinary oils and ..
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